Registration Open For NDA Crash Course Commencing From Last Week of June 2024. New Upcoming Batches -NDA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), CDS/OTA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), AFCAT 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) NDA Foundation 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) SSB-Interview Starts From Every Monday
Registration Open For NDA Crash Course Commencing From Last Week of June 2024.New Upcoming Batches -NDA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), CDS/OTA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), AFCAT 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) NDA Foundation 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) SSB-Interview Starts From Every Monday


After the 10th grade, there is NDA foundation coaching to help with both academics and NDA exam preparation. Students who enroll in the NDA Foundation or School Integrated Program can develop and practice the skill sets essential to pass the NDA exam.

The NDA Foundation Course/SIP is a two-year foundation programme for students who have completed high school (10th grade) are serious about joining the military and who have received high scores on their 12th-grade board exam.

NDA is one of the most difficult exams to pass, but it is not impossible if you have proper preparation, guidance, practise, and knowledge. If you believe in yourself, it makes no difference how many students apply for this exam. You must always be your best.

Make a schedule for all subjects.

  • Maintain a regular study schedule.
  • Do as much written practise as you can.
  • Make a list of key points.
  • Clear your basic ideas and doubts.
  • Keep your body in shape.
  • Do yoga and exercise to relax your mind.
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So these are some tips that can help you pass the NDA Exam, but if you lack knowledge and confidence about passing the NDA Exam, you should enrol in top  NDA Coaching in Aligarh  for your exam preparation. By enrolling in coaching, you will gain access to guidance that will help you pass the NDA Exam. You can join India’s  top NDA Coaching in Aligarh. Katara Academy Aligarh is an Army officers enterprise and the best Defence Academy in Aligarh. The team comprises five defence officers who formed the academy with aim of providing quality and genuine NDA, CDS, and AFCAT coaching in Aligarh India Students who aspire to become defence officers and serve the country.

Best time to join NDA coaching

 You should begin preparing in the eleventh grade and up. For students in grades 11 and 12, the NDA Foundation programs encompass the whole academic curriculum in addition to the NDA syllabus.

Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status

A Candidate must be an unmarried Male and age between 15-1/2 se 18-1/2  years

Selection Process

  • Written Exam conducted by UPSC
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical Exam etc

An aspirant should think about several factors before enrolling in a defence coaching programme to prepare for the NDA, including core faculty, selection rates, student feedback, professional command and training for the SSB Interview, and, of course, the program’s pricing structure. You must take into account the fact that passing the written portion of the NDA is of no consequence unless the SSB recommends you. As a result, if you are interested in the NDA, you should choose tutoring that offers comprehensive advice for both the NDA written exam and the SSB Interview.

The initial step in passing the NDA selection test is to enroll in the Top NDA Coaching  in Aligarh. You will receive the necessary help and direction for the NDA qualifying examination from the top NDA training facility. Your chances of passing the NDA test completely increase when working with experienced resources since they have a better understanding of the test’s structure, the types of questions that will be asked, and how to complete the inquiry paper within the allotted time with greater accuracy. To make your desire a reality, Katara Academy offers the Top NDA Coaching  in Aligarh. We have assisted students from all around India in passing the NDA placement test. The Katara academy offers the eager students the best opportunity to pass the NDA placement test.

katara academy

Army officers who have served as professors and mentors would be present at Katara Academy Aligarh. In order to change the students’ behavioural traits and make them a desirable candidate for selection in both the written and the SSB, the goal is to give them with the same ambience, ambiance, accommodations, food, and environment. You will be taught by officers who have dedicated their entire careers to doing the same things, everything from how to effectively prepare for the written exam to how to talk and eat with a spoon and fork. Can you picture how your personality would change and how you will dominate the competition? 

Why choose Katara Academy Aligarh

The Katara Academy is renowned for offering the highest number of selections in the defence industry each year. Additionally, the Katara Academy offers training sessions for the SSB Interview, as well as for other exams like the Physical Efficiency Tests.

Extra Classes:  Top NDA Coaching in Aligarh– Katara Academyoffer a unique provision for those who require extra classes. We focus on every student individually, and if any kid is weak in any topic, we offer extra courses to help them comprehend better.

AC ClassRooms: All of our classrooms have air conditioning. For improved learning, we want our pupils to study in a pleasant setting.

Separate Batches (Hindi & English): Many students come from beyond the station, thus we provide hostel facilities on campus for them so that they may comfortably stay here. Our campus’s environment is safe and secure, making students feel at ease.

Accommodation: Every weekend, Top NDA Coaching in Aligarh– Katara Academy run a test series based on the examination format. This enables pupils to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Weekly Test Series: We understand that professors are a wealth of information, thus we have highly experienced professors on our campus that can teach students a lot.

Affordable Fee Structure We offer a low pricing structure so that every student may benefit from our coaching and achieve their goals.

Faculties: We follow the most recent syllabus as mandated by the examination authority. We consistently keep students up to date on the newest developments.

Latest Syllabus: We administer the online exam by the exam pattern to adequately prepare pupils.

Online exam: We make every effort to ensure that our students are satisfied in every way.

Personal Assistance: Top NDA Coaching in Aligarh– Katara Academy will give students personal assistance for those who have some doubts.

Quality education is provided to pupils at the Top NDA Coaching in Aligarh–Katara Academy. The institute has been named one of Aligarh’s top institutes. It is regarded as the Top NDA Coaching in Aligarh. It has achieved significant success by training students to be put in their desired service. It is Aligarh’s premier coaching facility for the X and Y groups.

You have come to the right location if you want to join the Indian Defense Forces through the NDA. The Top NDA Coaching in Aligarh is provided by the Katara academy. We should be able to fulfill every aspirant’s desire of attending the National Defence Academy (NDA) through a team effort of highly skilled instructors, cutting-edge study materials, and our result-oriented classroom instruction. The top defence academy in Aligarh is Katara Academy, a business owned by Army officers. The team is made up of five defence officers who founded the academy with the intention of offering NDACDS, and AFCAT instruction that is of the highest calibre in Aligarh, India. students who want to serve their country as defence officers.

 The Air Force Selection Board administers the X and Y Group Exam for the Air Force. One can become an airman in the Indian Air Force’s technical and non-technical branches by passing this exam. Technical entries belong in the X category, while non-technical entries belong in the Y group. The opening is released concurrently. Let’s look at the specifics of the application process, eligibility requirements, exam information, etc.

Paper Pattern

Subject Date Code Duration Maximum Marks
2½ HRS
2½ HRS

Syllabus of NDA Written Exam

There are two written exams that will be conducted the same day. One will appear for the Mathematics paper and GAT (General Ability Test) etc. Here is the syllabus that one has to prepare for this:



  • The paper in the entire subject consists of objective type questions only.
  • For Mathematics, One will be given 2.5 marks for each correct answer.
  • For GAT, One will be given 4 marks for each correct answer.
  • There would be negative marking as well, 33% marks will be deducted for each wrong response.


The Written Exam is for 900 marks, One will need to score very well in order to qualify for the SSB Interview. The SSB Interview is also for 900 marks. After the Written Exam, SSB Interview and Medical Exam. All India Merit List will be made on the basis of the marks scored out of 1800 (Written Exam and SSB Interview).

The examination Minimum qualifying standard approved at the written stage 280 of 900 marks expected (with at least 25-30% marks in each subject Marks secured by the last finally recommended candidate 650 of 1800 marks expected.

In order to clear the NDA Selection Phase, It is very important to get proper training and education for the exam and SSB Interview as well as for the Medical Examination etc. Join the academy and get proper education and training under the guidance of the Ex- defence Examiners and Officer. You can check the details of the course below:

Frequently Asked Questions about NDA Coaching Centre in Aligarh

Which academy has the highest selection rate in NDA?

Katara Academy is known for having one of the highest selection rates in the NDA exam. Our institute’s success is attributed to our experienced faculty and well-structured coaching programs that cater to the specific needs of NDA aspirants.

What is Defence Coaching Academy at Katara Academy?

Defence Coaching Academy at Katara Academy is a program designed to prepare students for various defence-related entrance exams. The academy provides coaching for exams such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and more, with a focus on building a strong foundation and providing personalized attention.

How to join the Indian Army after 12th?

To join the Indian Army after 12th, you can appear for the NDA entrance exam. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, register for the UPSC NDA exam, clear the written test and SSB interview, and pass the medical examination to secure admission into the National Defence Academy.

Which academy is best for NDA coaching?

Katara Academy is considered one of the best academies for NDA coaching in Aligarh. Our academy provides top-notch coaching, personalized attention, and a track record of successful NDA selections.

What is the fee structure for NDA and Defence coaching at Katara Academy?

The fee structure for NDA and Defence coaching at Katara Academy depends on the course selected by the student. The academy offers flexible payment options and scholarships to deserving students. The fee structure is designed to be affordable and transparent, without compromising on the quality of education.

How to qualify for the NDA exam?

To qualify for the NDA exam, you need to focus on your preparation. Study the syllabus thoroughly, practice previous year papers, and take mock tests. Additionally, work on improving your time management and general awareness skills. With dedication and guidance from Katara Academy, you can increase your chances of qualifying for the NDA exam.