Registration Open For NDA Crash Course Commencing From Last Week of June 2024. New Upcoming Batches -NDA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), CDS/OTA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), AFCAT 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) NDA Foundation 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) SSB-Interview Starts From Every Monday
Registration Open For NDA Crash Course Commencing From Last Week of June 2024.New Upcoming Batches -NDA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), CDS/OTA 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024), AFCAT 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) NDA Foundation 2024 Batch Starting From (10, 18, 24 June 2024) SSB-Interview Starts From Every Monday

IIT JEE For Dopper Batch

Are you the one who is looking for the Best IIT JEE Coaching Centre in Aligharh to prepare for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced? If yes, then you are at right place. There are many students who search for the best IIT coaching institute to guide them in the right direction to score high in the engineering exams to get admissions in India’s prestigious colleges. IIT JEE is considered as one of the toughest exams in India, clearing this exam is not easy, you need an IIT coaching centre to tell you the right strategy and show you the right path to get things done for you in the best possible manner.

JEE, the Joint Entrance Exam, is a national entrance exam for candidates interested in studying engineering at one of the country’s various colleges. IIT is an abbreviation for the Indian Institute of Technology, and it refers to India’s most prestigious engineering schools. Candidates who pass the JEE exam will be able to apply for admission to some of the country’s best colleges and IITs.

Although there have been success stories of students who passed the JEE Main exam without coaching, enrolling in a coaching class increases your chances of success. You can improve your JEE Main preparation by enrolling in JEE coaching in Aligarh. Being in a constantly competitive environment will improve your performance and propel your JEE Main preparation forward.

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When it comes to extensive preparation, there is no substitute for the best IIT and JEE coaching in Aligarh. Here’s how Katara Academy, the best JEE coaching in Aligarh will improve your chances and help you get better at your preparation:

  • Appropriate Guidance.
  • Regularity and consistency.
  • Regular JEE Main classes with peers who share your perspective make the grind more bearable.
  • Expert coaching from teachers at Katara Academy, IIT coaching in Aligarh can work wonders in getting you on the right track for JEE Main preparation.


Each student has unique requirements. So,choose the best IIT coaching in Aligarh that is a good fit for you based on faculty experience, course fees, distance from your home, and coaching that can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Over the years, IITs have been conducting the JEE to sort the best of the brains to persue B.Tech Degree from the reputed colleges. Since the idea is to select bright and innovative minds, pattern is designed purposely in a different manner compared to that of school examinations. New questions that require both direct & indirect application of the concepts the students have learned are asked. However, the students face great difficulty in preparing for these examinations as they have to approach their study in the manner required by these exams, where the focus is more on clear understanding rather than cramping the formulae and knowing the working rules.

On top of it the schools create havoc by racing the syllabus in a disorderly manner not at all following the required sequence. Amidst all this promising to air lift the students from these problematic areas, different IIT coaching institutes promise guaranteed and sure results showcasing a large pool of students qualifying for competitive exams from their institutes. However it is only their tall buildings that match their tall promises. The students face another ordeal in these institutes as large number of students flock there. There is lack of individual attention on the students, especially on the weaker ones. To further aggravate the situation a lot of extra-ordinary appearing questions are placed before the students and the easier and fundamental questions are left upon the students. The students already gripped by the problems of totally new syllabus fail to understand things which may seem very easy to the teachers or are learned by other students. The coaching institutes start taunting the students for their in capabilities. It is then the coaching institutes themselves become a problem rather then becoming a support system.

Their focus rather being on developing the skills of the students is on showcasing their own knowledge and skills only intimidating the students further. In this process the students turn out to be the real losers as they devotes time, money and effort and gains nothing other than frustration and depression. We at Katara Academy For Tomorrow devoid of any tall claims seek to address these problems of the students.

Exam Details

Class Target Exam Fees
2 Year Batch
JEE (Main+Advanced)
1 Year Batch
JEE (Main+Advanced)
₹ 45,000
Dropper Batch For 12th Pass
JEE (Main+Advanced)
₹ 55,000

Frequently Asked Questions about IIT JEE Coaching Centre in Aligarh

Is it possible to balance schoolwork and competitive exam preparation?

Yes, it is possible to manage both school and competitive exam preparation at the same time. It will require a lot of hard work, consistency, and discipline, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

How does one go about choosing the best JEE Coaching in Aligarh?

This is a personal choice, but we believe that a student should consider these factors when determining which Institute is best for them. The teacher’s guidance, the environment of the place, and whether or not teachers are willing to suffer alongside the student. In addition, the student-teacher ratio should be optimized to ensure that students receive individual attention.

What sets a Coaching Institute apart from private tutoring?

A professional JEE & IIT Coaching Institute will provide you with comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, as well as complete study material, relevant test, and evaluation system, a competitive environment, a library, and so on. A private tutor will only give you instruction that is spoon-fed to you.

How Many Times Can JEE Main Be Given?

A candidate is allowed to take the JEE Main exam six times in three years. A candidate can appear for JEE Main twice a year, in January and April.

Are the JEE and IIT the same thing?

JEE and IIT are not the same things, but they are related. IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) are the country’s top engineering colleges, and JEE is an entrance exam for admission to these IITs. IIT JEE is commonly referred to as the entrance exam for top engineering colleges.

Is the JEE exam for engineering given after tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade?

The JEE exam for engineering is administered following the completion of the 12th grade. Students who are completing their high school diplomas are provisionally eligible to take the JEE exam if they meet the eligibility criteria later.